4 Ways to Be Debt-Free This Year

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Getting out of debt is a dream of many people. Even though hundreds of techniques have been shared about getting debt-free, only a small people truly managed to be free. Many people have died and left tons of debts for their offspring. If you want to avoid such lonely fate, you must take action today. Don’t worry – you don’t need to apply a huge life-changing strategy right away. What you need are simple day-to-day steps that you can rely on.


Create a Debt Resolution Plan

A debt resolution plan is similar to a financial plan, except that it’s focused on your debts. This plan will help you see all of your debts in bird’s eye view. You can adjust your monthly expenditure and also pinpoint the weak areas in your finances. By following the plan thoroughly, you can increase your chance of being debt-free this 2017.


Consolidate All Your Debts

According to cashmart.sg, debt consolidation is a popular choice offered to many borrowers. However, many people are still unaware of this wonderful financial strategy. To consolidate your debts, you need the help of a bank or financial organization. After a discussion and analysis process, the bank will go through with the consolidation. Once this is done, all of your debts are rolled into one so it’s easier to repay them.


Get Multiple Streams of Income

Sometimes, debt consolidation won’t work if your income barely reaches an acceptable monthly level. In this case, you need to get a second (or third) income source. Thanks to the Internet, getting multiple streams of income has never been easier. You can rely on dozens of freelancing platforms to get jobs. Some of the popular jobs are content writing, data entry, virtual assistance, web design, and online teaching. Freelancing is quickly becoming the norm, so you should ride the opportunity.


Cut Down on Luxuries

Last but obviously not the least: you need to cut down on your luxuries. Do you think you need that magazine subscription if you can’t pay for the rent? How much money can you save if you just cooked your meals instead of buying them? Once you cut down your luxuries, there will be extra cash to repay your debts or even purchase necessities. This is a long-term strategy that can help you for many years.


You don’t need a ‘wonder formula’ to get out of debts. As you follow the steps mentioned above, you can be free from your debts and you’d see life in a different angle. More importantly, your offspring will have a better life ahead.

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