3 Ways to Save Money While Enjoying the Metro Manila Lifestyle

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Metro Manila is the hub of progress in Philippines. All cities of Metro Manila signify the prevalence of modern lifestyle, and urbanites can also be spotted everywhere. While the Metro Manila lifestyle is cool and rewarding, it can be damaging for your wallet. Try splurging all over the greater Metro. You’d probably visit Starbucks, Jollibee, and McDonalds. There are also tons of specialty shops that can entice you to buy their products.


Do you want to save money while enjoying the Metro Manila lifestyle? Here are some three popular ways:


Cook Your Own Meals

Do you want to know the top ‘budget eaters’ for Metro Manila urbanites? Fastfood and commercially-prepared food! If you have a weekly budget, eating that cheeseburger can cost you hundreds of pesos. This extra money should be used for better things, such as work expenses or savings. The solution? Try cooking your own meals. This will take discipline, especially if you’re accustomed to buying your foods. Home-cooked meals are also healthier because you can control the calories and nutrients included. Fortunately, there are hundreds of cooking blogs that can help you prepare yummy foods even if you’re on a tight budget.


Walk – It’s Good for You!

Do you always ride the taxi whenever you want to go somewhere? How about MRT or LRT rides because they can take you to various locations in just few minutes? Commuting eats a significant portion of your budget. If the location is not too far away, try walking for few minutes. It can help you save money and it’s actually good for your health. Every day, we’re required to walk 10,000 steps for better blood circulation and mental clarity. So, walk whenever you can! Visit parks for fresh air and enjoy wonderful scenery!


Minimize Your Luxuries

Luxuries are always part of the Metro Manila lifestyle. Many urbanites rationalize that luxuries reward them for their hard work. This is right, but too many luxuries can affect your finances negatively. So, think twice before picking that overpriced novelty mug. Maybe you just need a regular mug with a cool design. By minimizing your luxuries, you can definitely save money.


Living in Metro Manila is not just about parties and rubbing elbows with socialites. Sometimes, it’s all about enjoying the best options that Metro Manila can give. To know more about Metro Manila’s hot yet affordable spots, check out different Filipino lifestyle blogs.

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